Thursday, 18 August 2016 08:26

2 Week Evaluation: My Massive Changes Are Unnoticed By Others

massive action

It's been just over two weeks since I created this site, The "Purpose Driven Dad" with the intent of taking massive action and changing my life in a dramatic way.

  • It may not look to anyone like I've had success.
  • It also doesn't seem like anything is happening.

If you're working on making life better for you and your family, most people won't see the massive changes right away.

Massive Changes starts with you.

Change becomes part of who you are. You begin to see things you're not doing, or doing but isn't helping. You identify negativity and anything else that leads to inaction, and eliminate it from your life.

You look differently on how you get things done.

You might stay up later. You might optimize your life and workspace for maximum effect. You may have even written out a clear path to achieving your goals and dreams.

On One Is Ever Going To See That.

The only thing anyone sees is when you do one of two things:

  • Become Very Wealthy
  • Become a Celebrity

The struggle to get there is personal.

It's something that you are dealing with alone. There's no one in the world that is as familiar to your situation as you, so don't expect people to understand.

No One Knows I'm Making Changes... Yet.

Sure, I'd love all the recognition for the hard work. Wouldn't we all?

The truth of the matter is that not even my wife knows.

I have built my dreams and goals in a notebook. I have plotted and planned the action items.

I have created this website two weeks ago while everyone, including her were sleeping.

There's No One That Is Going To Make Me Successful But Me

There's also no one that's going to give me the time to achieve my dreams but me.

It is so crucial to lay out a solid plan that will get you to your dreams, but it's just as vital to find the time, on your own time, when you can put 120% of your energy, focus and strength to getting what you want, no matter how grueling it feels on your body and mind.

  • Right now, my income hasn't increased
  • Nor have I quit my job.
  • I'm not on a beach with a margarita in my hand and a Maserati in my garage.

BUT... My Successes Are Mine... 150%

I can tell you though, what once was acceptable to me, is no unacceptable.

I am no longer content with picking up a paycheck every Friday. I loath working for work's sake in a corporate gerbil wheel. I can't accept that my relationship with my wife is at an all time low.

  • But no one can see the gains I've made.
  • No one knows things are about to blow up for me.

I don't care. It's Not Their Success I Work For Anyway

I have prepared my mind and body for the biggest fight of my life. Success on a massive scale.

There is no road in my life that will take me there. With my mind and body as the machette, I am about to cut a path into the jungle and go deep until I break through on the other side.

When I do, people then will notice. They will think 'over night success' just happened, but they won't have see all the sacrifices that were made to get there.

And That's OK. I've Made Massive Changes. It's My Success.