Tuesday, 13 September 2016 16:00

4PM Coffee: Essential Snack Edition


It's 4PM and time for Coffee Thoughts again! 

Today we're looking at essential snacks that should be in your bag or backpack at all times in case you get hungry.

For me, that happens a lot. I don't really eat breakfast, and lunches are usually very light and inexpensive.

I carry a good number of snacks in my bag to carry me over during the work day, and that helps the day to go much better than sitting, trying to work and going hungry.

Here's a list of the snacks that I have in my bag currently:

1. Beef Jerky

This one is essential. Beef Jerkey is one of the best snacks known to carnivores, and it can sit in the bag for weeks if necessary (mine usually gets eaten within a week). I usually carry 5 or 6 individually wrapped packages. Beef Jerky is versatile too. You can add it to those cheap Lipton's "Cup 'O Noodle" soup packs for more sustanance, It can be added to a cheap $1 pint of rice from the Chinese restraurant just down the street from our offices (I also have soy sauce packs in the desk just for this very reason), and finally, it's good just as a snack anytime.

Often times, I'll be pulling the beef jerky out when my family is out and about when the kids get hungry too. It's not exactly filling on it's own, but when you give the kids the next item on our list, they'll be pretty darn satisfied for at least an hour.

2. Cliff Bars

Cliff bars taste bad. I just don't really like them. Kids don't seem to mind them, but let me tell you, when you're hungry, one of these bars will stave off the craving for a while all on it's own. I usually carry between three and four of these in my bag, and while they don't come out that often (for myself), I know there's a fall back if STFU.

3. Quaker Oats Oatmeal Packs

I love these, and will take one of these over a cliff bar anytime! I like the Apple Cinnamon oatmeal, and have five of them in the pack right now. They generally come out in the morning if I get hungry, but I have been known to have one of them in the late afternoon if I know dinner is going to be late as well.

4. 25¢ "Top Ramen" Pack

Yes, I actually carry one of these too. Great for quick eats either on it's own or with the Beef Jerky above. Ramen is the champion food of college kids, the poor and penny pinchers the world over, and I'm no exception. 

5. Tuna in a Pouch

I have a 2.5oz pouch of Tuna in my bag. I use this often to put into either the Cup O' Soup or Ramen. Adding tuna really livens things up and helps to quench hunger quite well.

6. MIO Water Additives

Rather than get a pop that costs $1.50 from the vending machine in the second floor breakroom, I'll just head over to the water cooler, fill up my 700ml water bottle and a squirt of MIO for flavor. One squirt costs approximately 10¢, and that's far better than spending $1.50.

The Well Equipped Cubicle

Of course, what kind of guy runs around without something to eat with? At work, I've got a plate and bowl that I keep in my office. In the back pack, I have a CRKT camping spork on the unlikely chance that I can't find plasticware. Yes, it happens, and I'm that prepared. :D

As a final thought on the matter, I just can't say enough about having snacks when the craving hits. It really sucks to be stuck in your cubicle, but hungry enough to eat a whole cow. I've been there, and it sucks. With having snacks in your bag, in whatever amount you feel is ample, sure makes the day go better.

What's In The RunePi?

Every 4PM Coffee, I share what happens to be in the Raspberry Pi RuneAudio Player right at that time. It's a good way for me to find new music that I like and to share it with you. Perhaps it might be something you want to rock out to as well!

Snakes & Ladders by Doctor P.

snakes ladders doctor p

Snakes and Ladders is a nice heavy Dubstep with good beats from Doctor P. I find that I'm working a lot more effeciently and faster trying to keep up with the music today. LOL

Snakes and Ladders appears on the album Show Me Love (Circus Records). iTunessmarturl.it/SMLiT | Google Playbit.ly/SMLGplay