Monday, 12 September 2016 15:11

4PM Coffee: Get To The Point Edition


How many times have you been stuck in a meeting or in a conversation that should have only take a couple minutes, but rather it ran far longer than needed?

I was stuck in a three hour meeting.

A potential vendor came to the offices this morning touting a new peice of software (which cannot be mentioned by name) that could tie all of our video systems together.

The actual sales pitch really only took about 45 minutes, and the demo was the other 15. The other two hours were wasted on "what if's".

What if we did this... What if you gave us that... All hypothetcals.

I realized that I needed to make another change in my life.

I was going to focus on getting people (and myself) to the point more quickly to not waste time. I am sick of hearing 20 minutes of backstory before someone asks me the question they could have just asked in the beginning. I'm also tired of people just telling me more than I need to know.

I realize that always wanting to know exactly what everyone was doing all the time isn't being productive.

It just gives you more stuff to worry about, so I'm cutting unnecessary information out of my life, and the first thing to go is paying attention to what everyone is doing.

I don't care whether it's facebook or around the office, I just don't care anymore. The only time I am going to be interested is when:

It directly affects me - When whatever a person is doing is going to have an impact of my reputation, quality of work or performance. Other than that, I don't really care.

They have information I need - and only when it's helps me accomplish something I need to get done. If it's something unimportant, I'll fire off a quick email to save time.

Other than that, I am going to simplify the amount of information that I take in.

What's In The RunePi?

Ride by Twentyonepilots

4pm coffee twentyonepilots

Got something totally different in the RunePi for a change. Twentyonepilots is actually just a couple guys from Columbus that have broke out on the Indie scene lately. The song "Ride" appears on their second signed album, Blurryface (Fueled by Ramen). Twentyonepilots are