Wednesday, 14 September 2016 16:00

4PM Coffee: Raspberry Pi OSMC Media Center

osmc splash screen

Over the past few days, I've been playing around with the Raspberry Pi 2 and OSMC

OSMC is free media player software that loads into the Raspberry Pi and essentially creates a full media center capable of running movies, TV videos, music, photos and apps.

I already have a Chromecast, and it should be mentioned that we don't pay for standard cable, but the OSMC media center blows Chromecast out of the water as far as the content you have access to.

I love having all my music, videos and movies that I've collected over the years in one spot, and have access to streaming content around the web.

The only weak link right now is in the sound system. I'm piping all the audio through the Pi's 3.5MM jack, and that isn't giving me the kind of sound I want.

I'll be investing in a Digital to Audio converter (DAC) soon, and running all the audio right through that instead of the mediocre sounding onboard jack.

What's In The RunePi Today?

Every 4PM Coffee, I share what happens to be in the Raspberry Pi RuneAudio Player right at that time. It's a good way for me to find new music that I like and to share it with you. Perhaps it might be something you want to rock out to as well!

indie folker monsters in rome

Monsters In Rome, Title Track, by Indie Folker

Out of all the new music I've come across, Indie Folker one of my favorite artists so far. It's "Indie rock from Transylvania" which of course, intrigued me.

Monsters in Rome, the album is available for free download on the website, and you'll find this title track therein.