Friday, 17 February 2017 13:31

4PM Coffee: The Raspberry Pi Rune Audio Setup At Work

my runeaudio raspberry pi music system at work

I realized that I never really showed you guys my music setup at work (See A Big Picture In New Window), even though I refer to it just about every 4PM coffee!

The system runs two Raspberry Pi computers. Both are 512MB Raspberry Pi Model B's and they are connected to the internet via Wi-Fi.

raspberry pi rune audio storage

I have RuneAudio on one and the other is just storage for both work and my music/photos/documents. The primary RuneAudio Pi is connected to the secondary Pi's music folder.

Both Pi's have Class 10 Sandisk Extreme (U3) 128GB MicroSD Cards.

The RuneAudio player (I call it "RunePi") has roughly 30GB of music loaded plus 52 internet radio stations.


mix5 sound mixer

The RunePi is connected to a small Mackie Mix5 sound mixer that functions primarily as a headphone amp and source switcher. One set of jacks goes to my computer for when I need to hear audio ( like webinars, tutorial videos, etc... ) and the other set of leads goes to the Pi.

Because it's a mixer, I can watch webinars and still listen to music in the background. I usually turn up the computer audio so I primarily hear that, but then in the background around 10-20% volume, I'll have music playing.

The MSI GP62 Computer

msi GP62 gaming computer

I use a MSI GP62 Gaming Laptop for my primary laptop. No, it's not company issue, but they kindly allow me to use my own device. I do have a crap ton of music loaded on my computer as well. I run MIXXX DJ software to play an endless stream of music when I use the computer instead of the Pi.

Samson SR850 Studio Reference Headphones

Samson SR850 studio reference headphones

I won't go into these headphones much because I wrote about them specifically in this 4PM Coffee post, but suffice it to say that they are some of the best headphones you could use at work ever! They have an "open back" design, which means they let the outside sound come in. That allows me to be able to monitor the talk around the office when I'm listening to music. Great for evesdropping or hearing your boss call you from across the office.

Overkill? Nailed It.

Sure, perhaps the setup is borderline overkill for listening to music, but then again, I like good sound. REALLY GOOD sound. The Mix5 allows me to run line level outputs from the Pi and computer and let the Mix5 take care of amplification. Oh, and yes, the sound is noticably better this way than if I was just listening from the device itself.

Additionally, it lets me run sound from either the computer or the Pi without unplugging the headset, and gives me the flexibility to mix the two sources as I want. Perfect for boring webinars ;D

What's In The RunePi?

nightwish imaginaerum

Being Friday, it's a Nightwish kind of day, The first song in the RunePi playlist is "Last Ride Of The Day" (From the album Imaginaerum)