Monday, 29 August 2016 15:12

4PM Coffee Thoughts: TFZ Series 1S IEM Earbuds

TFZ Series 1 IEM Earbuds

Just Ordered: TFZ Series 1S IEM Earbuds #004 (Clear/Purple)

I'm really excited about a new purchase I've just made. Many of you know I'm a bit of an audiophile, and my quest for good sound just got another addition.

The TFZ Series 1S Earbuds are single driver, dual chamber earbuds that have received a lot of good reviews since Massdrop began offering them. 

I ordered my set from Amazon because I didn't feel like waiting two weeks just to see if the drop would go through, plus I got free two day shipping meaning the earbuds will be here on either Wednesday or Thursday, depending on when they get them shipped out.

Many headphone manufacturers are really getting into the In Ear Monitor designs as they're really hot right now (Video: Jerry Harvey: "The Rise of the In-Ear Monitor" | Talks at Google). The Fragrant Zither (, or (TFZ) is just one that's jumped on board.

in ear monitors google trends data

In ear monitors, strictly and simply, are designed for monitoring one's playing if you're perfoming on stage or in the studio. Most people have taken the design away from the purpose, and use IEM - style earbuds for normal listening habits on their MP3 players, phones and gaming devices.

IEMs are also generally associated with better sound, as that was one of their primary purposes (the other being noise isolation). Most of the IEMs that you'll find on Amazon or other sources online are not any better than your run of the mill, Skullcandy Ink'd earbuds that cost under $20.

There's two reasons that I purchased the TFZ Series 1 IEM earbuds.

1) The earbuds have received a lot of talk about being good bass earbuds. Now, I'm not a basshead, but when Lars is pounding the floor toms on "For Who The Bell Tolls", I want to feel it as if I was at a concert (to some extent). Additionally, they're said to have decent dynamic range through the spectrum.

2) They are shaped to fit in the ear well. Reminds me of the Ultimate Ears IEMs. While they're not custom molded for your ears, some have said that they're some of the best for under $100 as far as fit is concerned.

I'll update you on Wednesday or Thursday on how they perform when I get them in!