Wednesday, 03 August 2016 16:26

Great... My Wife's Main Computer Just Died

oops the computer died againGRRRR... So I just got a text from my wife... her main computer just died. It was a desktop that all the kid's homeschool documents and files were on. 

While she does have a small laptop, it's not powerful like the desktop was, and she's now on the phone wailiing in my ear (I have the headset on while I'm typing) about how she can't do work or teach the kids. 

We don't have money to just go out and buy another computer...

But she just isn't getting it that I'm putting in triple time between work and completely overhauling my life to make things better for the whole family. 

That's what's killing me right now... She doesn't get it, and doesn't believe that I can do it, and I guess that that is the real issue... not the computer.

What Do You Do When Your Spouse Doesn't Believe In You?

Isn't it supposed to be that you are to support your wife in everthing she does. Believe in her in blind faith because you love her? Do the things you don't want to do for her because you do love her....

So what do you do when your spouse forgets that they should support you in the same way they want your support???

This is one of the things that I have never been able to figure out. For all the years I've worked, all the things I've attempted and failed, just the fact that I'm a human being... but she holds me to expectations that even God himself couldn't attain (OK, I don't actually mean that, but you get the point).

What do you do when the love of your life doesn't share your love and caring, much less give a damn about your feelings when you've been knocked down again?

I know that I just went squirreling off on a tangent, but I realize that this is what is really bothering me about our relationship... It's not the material things that's really the issue. It's not about the money when it comes to my marriage.

It's all about the fact that she expects so much from me, yet feels no obligation to live up to her own expectations in return.