Monday, 08 August 2016 12:27

Lunch for $1, Monday August 8, 2016

I had lunch today for under $1

It's not bad considering the fact that most people spend an average of $3400 a year on lunches.

I purchased a 5 pack of Sapporo Ichiban Ramen noodles for $3.99 and a 24oz jar of KimChee (I love the stuff, but it's an acquired taste) for $5. 

The Ramen pack I used for lunch today cost 80¢ and the amount of kimchee I used was probably around 20¢.

Even if it was a bit over, so what? It's another win for this frugal dad.

lunch 08082016

Don't Starve Yourself... Find Cheap Foods That Go A Long Way

It should be said that I also ate a cliff bar when I got to work (99¢) and had a navel orange about 4 in the afternoon. I also drink on average, about 64oz of water throughout the day, three 16oz coffees made the old fashioned way.

One of the worst things in the world is to be starving at work and unable to find or purchase anything to eat. I keep a "Liptons cup of soup" pack and tuna can in my desk as an emergency backup if ever the need is there.

I went into all the low cost foods you can buy at the grocery store that go a long way in a previous post, but when it comes to work, you usually are limited by either what you can carry into work, or what can be cooked in a microwave that doesn't stink the place up.

If your workplace has a refrigerator, you have the option of bringing in cheese, deli-sliced meats and bread. The average sandwhich that you make yourself is roughly $1.25 depending on how much meat and cheese you put in, and what everything cost to begin with. Even if that seems a bit much, consider that most sandwiches and burgers cost around $4-$8 each.

Canned Soups are one of the best lunches. Just add water (condensed soups) and you're good to go.

Boredom From Eating Cheap

It's a real problem. I see co-workers coming back with terrific looking food all the time. Some of these guys do this every day too. It can be very trying, breaking open your sixth can of soup for the week while everyone else is eating like kings, but you know what? I have to make the sacrifice now so that the family has the cash when we want it.