Monday, 29 August 2016 09:24

Monday Minute: Reflections On The Weekend

david dimitri lhomme cirque ann arbor mi

Hi all. Yet another Monday and it's the last one in August. 

Almost one full month of the 12 month Lifestyle Redesign is done, and it's mostly been about changing the way I think and the things I do in preparation for making massive changes to life.

This past weekend was busy.

Saturday, my wife and I were working on a lot of homeschool prep for this week. I'm in charge of writing and science and am working with the kids using Storybird, a website that allows people, both young and old, to create their own stories. Storybird supplies images to picture books, but you also have the option of writing longer stories as well.

Saturday night I slept two hours. That was it. I was up doing search engine marketing for this site, which is very time consuming, but necessary in order to grow a site.

Sunday, we took in an excellent performance by David Dimitri, "L'homme Cirque". The entire show was just David, and though he doesn't say a word during the whole show, he knows how to connect and engage an audience.

"Enter the magical world of David Dimitri. Lauded “Lord of the Wire” by The New York Times, this world famous high wire dancer and veteran of Cirque du Soleil and Big Apple Circus epitomizes innovation as he alone performs an entire circus."