Monday, 08 August 2016 09:50

Monday Morning Thoughts


Hi guys!

It's Monday morning and this weekend was a bit rough. I'm sitting in my office right now feeling like I could use another three or four hours of sleep. 

It was a busy weekend, spending time with the family and then Dad on Sunday, but overall, it was a really nice time and I enjoyed it.

Saturday - Bonding With The Kids

My kids and I love going out and getting excercise while playing Pokemon Go, and on Saturday, I clocked over 25,000 steps, most of which were while we were trying to "catch 'em all". I've found that this game, while it has a lot of negative press, is one of the best way to bond with your kids. Just going out with them and playing, I've found that the kids suddenly have a massive interest in the pokemons that I've caught, and they love teaching me how to play and what to do. 

We started out at a local park, running around and catching pokemons. The kids had one of their friends along for the walk, and we all had a ton of fun! I actually got into the game, and loved running around with the kids to the pokestops! 

After catching everything we thought we could at the park, we drove downtown where there's a ton of pokemon and pokestops and just had a field day! I went from installing the app and creating a new account to level 12! The kids share my wife's phone and a deactivated phone that is connected to mine via mobile hotspot. My oldest son reached level 19 and my younger attained level 16.

We stopped for food at a local diner to refuel and then hit up the ice cream shop after all that walking. I do have to admit, my legs were sore all Sunday, but it was well worth it, and I'd do it all over again for the great time I had with my kids.

If you're looking for a way to bond with your kids, just play Pokemon Go.

Sunday - Dinner and a Movie with Dad

So it was in the reverse order, actually. Dad and I went to see the new Jason Bourne movie and we both loved it. He's always been a world traveling kind of guy and loves spy and mystery movies. I'm pretty much the same way, but just don't have the disposable finances he and mom have to actually do the traveling.

This Jason Bourne movie was a lot like the others in the series. Jason gets into situations, nearly gets caught, but always slips away. It was kind of neat that Julia Styles was in this movie, although for not much of it. 

The one thing that really came across to me while watching the movie was how Bourne can walk into a situation and gain control of it. I know it's a movie, but the pricincipal is one to be learned. 

It's like life. If you really want to change your life, you need to assess your situation and gain control over it. You have to be the one that drives your destiny, not just go with the flow and hope that something works out in your favor.

Take your personal finances for instance. I'll give you my example. I have realized in a very profound way that I have been always controlled by my paycheck, time put in at my job and of course, financial obligations -- my bills.

I found that I was left negotiating what kind of fun the family could have in the small amount of time we had together on the weekends (IF I wasn't working), AND how much cash we had left from paying bills and buying groceries.

In essence, our lives were controlled by my income minus expenditures

Let's apply "Jason Bourne" to our situation. He would come in and assess the situation. He'd look at how much money was coming in. He'd also look at how much money was going out. He'd look for an escape route, meaning he'd look for a way to free himself from the burden.

In my lifestyle redesign plan, I'm doing just that, but up to now, I haven't really had a name for it. I see that the cops (my bills) have got me cornered and the CIA director (My Job) is calling all the shots when it comes to the quality of not just my life, but my family's as well.

If I think like Jason Bourne would, My first question would be "How do I get out of this mess?" As I assess, I realize that it's not the bills that are the issue. Bills will always be there. Lowering bills also requires sacrifices -- Lowering your phone plan limits the internet data you have, raising the temp in the house to save money means sweating it out more in the summer, Lowering car insurance means higher deductibles, and so on...

What you come to realize is that you need to shake that CIA Director (Your Job), or at the very least, manipulate the situation in your favor.

The problem is that the CIA director is monitoring you. He's got hidden cameras at work (the tasks you have to get done that show proof of work). He's got operatives in place that limit your movement at home (Vacation requests he can deny at any time for whatever reason) and in short, he (your job) controls your life.

There's two things you can do to give the CIA Director the slip:

  1. Reduce is leverage over your life by supplementing your income
  2. Quit working for the CIA altogether (Quit Your Job).

While the second isn't an option if your family is relying on a paycheck to exist, you can begin minimizing the amount of power your job has over you by supplementing your income so that you're not so dependent on your job to "get by". This is what I'm doing. I am reducing the amount of power that my job has over us by creating passive income streams to supplement and eventually replace the job altogether.

I'll be diving a lot deeper into this, but for now, I'd encourage you to look into your life from a black operative's point of view to find the best way to control the situation you're in today.