Monday, 15 August 2016 09:07

Monday Morning Thoughts: Binging "Between" on Netflix

between original netflix series

This weekend was highly uneventful to say the least.

While the lawn did get mowed, my wife and I spent most of the weekend getting her setup for homeschooling our kids this upcoming school year. There's still a lot to be done, but we managed to make good strides in progress.

Also binge watched "Between" on Netflix yesterday. Good show, but since all the actors and actresses are over 22, it's hard to get into the show from a realism standpoint. 

"When every 22-year-old or older person in a small town dies, the rest of them strive to survive." -- IMDB

"Between is a Canadian science fiction drama television series which debuted on May 21, 2015, on City. Created by Michael McGowan, the series stars Jennette McCurdy as Wiley Day, a pregnant teenage daughter of a minister living in the small town of Pretty Lake, which is coping with a mysterious disease that has killed everybody over age 21." - Wikipedia

It definaltely was interesting to think about a city completely run by kids, but again, what killed it was that all the major characters looked and acted older than 21. Filmed in a beautiful Hespeler Village, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, I'm not sure if I'll turn it back on at this point.