Monday, 22 August 2016 09:40

Monday Morning Thoughts: Proper Planning For The Week

monday morning planning

Monday is a big day.

Most people like to hate Monday's. I do too.

Monday is the most essential day in your work week.

It's the day that you need to properly plan the rest of the week in order for things to run smoothly.

There's two types of plans I have:

  • The Work Plan
  • The Personal Plan

While the work plan is important from a paycheck standpoint, it has no bearing on personal growth and in this corporate environment, the planning is what I do in order to get as little done as necessary while looking as busy as possible.

The Personal Plan is far more intricate. From reminding myself of my goals and dreams, I specify tasks that must be done by deadlines in order to help me reach those goals.

I'll be going over in detail how I create the weekly plans in a later post this week, but for now, suffice it to say that in order to reach those dreams and goals you might have, you have to work your plan to get there.