Thursday, 04 August 2016 14:35

Passive Income & Make Money While You Sleep

Sounds Good Doesn't It?

The idea of making money while I was doing other things has always appealed to me. The idea that I could have some kind of mechanism that brought in extra money regardless whether I was actually sitting in a boring corporate meeting or out spending time with the family is luring for sure, but is it actually possible?

The Internet is the vehicle that actually make it happen. I know it works. I've seen it happen. I bought a car from what I earned in a single month.

amazon earnings

Creating Passive Income Streams is possible. My 2006 Honda Odyssey is proof that it is.

This entire category is devoted to creating income on autopilot, meaning you don't have to actively involved every second in order to make money.

See, In a conventional job, you are required to trade your time (attention) to earn money. With passive income, the website, in my case, sits out there, and even when I am at work, it makes money from the site visitors that purchase products.

The idea for me is to supplement my finances until the income made on autopilot surpasses my employment income. Then I disappear from the 9 to 5, never looking back! It's all a part of the Massive Action that I'm taking in creating a new lifestyle design.