Monday, 08 August 2016 13:46

Quitting Smoking: My Biggest Hurdle

quit smokingQuitting Smoking Is The Biggest Change I Need To Make In My Life.

I've been a smoker for 26 years. I smoke a pack a day and if there's any change that I need to make in my lifestyle design, it's quitting smoking.

It's a scary thought. REALLY Scary. If you've ever smoked or are smoking, you'll know what this feels like. I had to face the demon sooner or later... I'm freakin' addicted to smoking.

Now I've Made The Decision To Quit Smoking On August 14, 2016

I've tried before, and failed. I really had to think about why I failed.

  • I really didn't want to quit
  • My heart wasn't in it
  • I have a habit of places and times to smoke

Those are the three demons I have to master and conquor this time in order to succeed.

Want To Quit With Me?

I'm doing this publicly. I am personally accountable for successes and failures. If you're a smoker and would like to have someone to quit with, feel free to join me in the struggle. I'll be posting everything on Twitter, hashtag #QuitSmoking2016.

I didn't really want to quit

I realize in hindsite that I never created enough of a reason to quit. Despite the non-smokers always harping on me about how it's so bad, I never really gave them much thought. I always have dismissed them thinking that they've never had the struggle I was going through.

I also always picked the wrong reasons too... I'd try to quit because my wife said we needed to quit among others. I realize now that it needs to be my own reasons... not that of others.

My Heart Really Wasn't Into It

Well, it wasn't. It was too much work... cigarettes were too easy to buy, etc... always making excuses why I failed rather than getting back on and quitting again.


I need that first cigarette within 10 minutes of waking up to even function right. It's a crutch. Same with coffee, but that's a beast I will live with.

Breaking that first cigarette habit is going to the hardest part of my day for a while.