The Purpose Driven Dad TL;DR

My name is Shawn, and after realizing my life was going nowhere, I was doing nothing that I'd wanted to do, and my dreams and aspirations were on hold, I decided it was time for big changes through massive action.

It Was Time To Find My Purpose In LIfe.

It's an entire lifestyle redesign. Everything will change, nothing will be undesirable. From bonding time with the kids, overhauling personal finances and even reigniting the love between my wife and I, it's truly a journey.

This website is nothing more than a personal blog of that journey. Through good times and bad, quitting smoking to eating lunch at work for just $1, it's all right here.

This Resource Page

This is the go to source for all the important stuff on my website. It's where you find the most sought after information, products and services that I use, and links to other materials I think that you'll find handy.

About This Website

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The Purpose Driven Dad site is built on Joomla!, a free and open source content management system, a CMS developed by volunteers around the world. I am one of these contributors and have chosen Joomla! as the platform of choice for this site. While I could use Wordpress, a traditional blogging platform, I wanted to have more flexibility and customization options out of the box than Wordpress could offer.

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I have 10 websites on four different providers, but chose Liquidweb Hosting for this site due to their excellent customer service, response times that are usually under 4 minutes and scalable webhosting that can grow with my website. Pat Flynn hosts his website on Liquidweb Storm Servers as well.

Essential Blog Posts

I often refer to other blog posts when I write. It's a good way to both review where I was, and to keep you up to speed on where I'm going. This is a list of the best blog posts that either are referenced most often, have become popular, or are needed for understanding the process of lifestyle redesign.

First Post

People ask me "what was the first post you wrote?" a lot, so I've put the link to the first post written on Purpose Driven Dad, "A Frank Evaluation Of Self". It's a very real and raw view I had of my situation, how I felt and what was going on to spur me on to making massive changes in my life.

A Note About Making Money Online

Popular Bloggers are pretty private about their successes in the field, and I'm not talking about income. Monthly income reports do little more than brag, even when they say it doesn't. It also serves to validate the blog owner's claims of being able to make money onlineThe fact is that popular blog owners don't show you exactly what they did to earn the income and gain success. They give you bits and pieces, but that's about it. They dangle a carrot in front of you like you're an Ass... (OK... donkey.) and tell you it can be done, but in the end, the real truth behind passive income and making money online is a closely guarded secret.

Personal Items Worth Mentioning

My Two Laptops

I use two laptops.

2017 Update: The Toshiba P75-A7200 Laptop died in June of 2016. It was replaced with a MSI GP62 gaming laptop in January 2017.

The first one is a Toshiba P75-A7200 running 32GB RAM and dual 750GB SSD Drives. It runs the Ubuntu operating system, but I also run Windows 7 and OSX10 in vitual machines (Virtualbox). This is the powerhouse. I use the A7200 almost constantly throughout the workday and for personal endeavors after hours. 

The second laptop is a Acer Chromebook CB3-131 that runs XUBUNTU dual boot with the ChromeOS. I can boot into either OS depending on what I need to do. If I'm just writing a blog post, the ChromeOS is sufficent. It also should be mentioned that the Chromebook has an 9 - 11.5 hour run time, so it's perfect for long term use between charges. It's ultra portable, so I will almost always grab the Acer when headed out for a day at the park, coffee shop and roadtrips.

I also have a Chuwi Vi10 Windows 10 tablet running a Z8300 Quad Core processor and 2GB RAM for extreme mobility.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 (Unlocked, Cyanogenmod OS)

My phone does a lot, and I demand a lot from it.

It's the primary source for Photo and Video, and my communications tool for both personal and business needs. I carry three batteries because I can usually burn through at least two of them during any given day. I run Cyanogen Mod rather than the bloatware'd stock ROM that the S4 came with because it frees up the phone completely.

Since being connected is so important, the modified Samsung S4 (Model# SGH-I337 - Unlocked & Unbranded GSM) has unlimited 4G tethering through MetroPCS. MetroPCS is the only mobile carrier that doesn't limit the high speed 4G service for mobile devices ($60 service - they don't even cap it when you're using a custom ROM). When you install Cyanogen Mod, you have unlimted tethering access as well without paying any extra for hotspot. I usually run through about 24-30GB of 4G data every month.

My Daily Workflow

I have a regular desk job from 9AM to 5PM, but if you include transit time, it's really a 7:30AM to 7PM workday. I hate it too. During breaks and lunch, I whip out the Acer Chromebook and write blog posts, do research and write notes to myself for later.

I have time with the family until 10PM or 11PM, when the kids go to bed during the summer (during school, bedtime is between 8 and 9pm.) . I usually get started on personal endevours around 11 or 12, midnight and get done somewhere between 3am and 5am.

I will write a few short posts throughout the day that usually consist of my quick thoughts and ideas, but since I'm still limited by my 9 to 5 and the fact that they don't like me working on anything other than work for work's sake, the posts are indeed short.