Thursday, 01 September 2016 09:46

I was pretty eagerly awaiting the $39 TFZ Series 1S Earbuds when they showed up today.

I originally bought the TFZ Series 1S earbuds looking for more of the IEM look and feel than either conventional earbuds (like the SkullCandy series or even the Shure SE-215's) offered while still providing a decent soundstage for the price. I also wanted to see what the “Dual Loop Dynamic Dual Chamber” feature was all about.

The TFZ Series 1S earbuds are a low cost earbud that has similar style to high end IEMs from companies such as Ultimate Ears, and in the end, quite a decent replication of what one might expect from a low cost solution like this.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016 05:35

The Raspberry Pi Zero Just Showed Up

I mentioned that I ordered this Pi on Friday in the "TGIF: VOEZ Edition" post where I said I was going to try using this $5 computer as an ultra cheap blogging computer.

In this post, I share with you what I needed to get it up and running, and whether it was really worth it in the end to get a $5 Raspberry Pi Zero or not.

Monday, 29 August 2016 13:00

The Skullcandy Ink'd earbuds were more of an impulse buy than anything else.

I was out and about over the weekend and realized that I'd left both the Shure SE-215 and Skullcandy Smokin' Buds at home. Since I was using my phone to feed the beats into my ears, I figured that the $14 Skullcandy Ink'd would be sufficient as a secondary set of earbuds.