Friday, 24 February 2017 13:29

TGIF: Coffee Packet Edition

I Just Realized I Am Out Of Coffee.

It's Friday and it's the end of the world. Shut the door. Suck Eggs. Die. TGIF.

Seriously... I am completely out of coffee at work! 

I forgot to pick more up on the way to work this morning, and now, I'm staring into the bottom of an empty coffee can.

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I realized that I never really showed you guys my music setup at work, even though I refer to it just about every 4PM coffee!

The system runs two Raspberry Pi computers. Both are 512MB Raspberry Pi Model B's and they are connected to the internet via Wi-Fi.

I have RuneAudio on one and the other is just storage for both work and my music/photos/documents. The primary RuneAudio Pi is connected to the secondary Pi's music folder.

Both Pi's have Class 10 Sandisk Extreme (U3) 128GB MicroSD Cards.

The RuneAudio player (I call it "RunePi") has roughly 30GB of music loaded plus 52 internet radio stations.

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Friday, 09 September 2016 16:00

TGIF: I Failed Edition

I Failed.

I had promised to get my August Report out by the 8th, but it didn't happen.

I feel bad that it didn't happen, but you know what? It's ok because I know I did everything in my power to make it happen, and forces beyond my control played a cruel game against me.

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Friday, 02 September 2016 18:07

TGIF: Urgent Care Edition

I’d only fallen asleep around 1:30, and less than 45 minutes later, my wife woke me up in somewhat of a panic that our daughter needed urgent attention.

The side of her face was puffy, and she been in a lot of discomfort.

My wife said she probably would need to go into urgent care, and that I would need to take her because she had to stay home with our sons that were still sleeping like rocks.

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Friday, 26 August 2016 16:00

TGIF: VOEZ Edition

TGIF is a weekly post series running on Friday's at 4PM instead of the usually scheduled "4PM Coffee Thoughts".

This series consists of random tidbit and short posts that didn't fit anywhere else on the site during the week.

This Week: VOEZ, Raspberry Pi Zero, a 3500 Lumen Flashlight and What's in my music player.

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