Friday, 16 September 2016 16:00

TGIF: Nutsac Edition

nutsac bags

I carry all my stuff in my backpack, but these bags may change the way I carry my everyday items forever.

For any other man that feels the need to stay trendy and in fashion, there's something that will truely help you accomplish your goals and dreams of gender neutral style, there's the Murse, not to be confused with the Nutsac.

Simply put, a Murse is a purse for Men (Man + Purse)

I gotta hand it to the guys at Nutsac... Overcoming a real man's issue with carrying what effectively is a purse, they've done a spankin' good job. 

Nutsac is a high end line of handbags, messenger bags and satchels specifically designed for men in the most manly way possible.

American Made. 'Nuff Said.

Nutsac was founded on the idea that quality American products still have a place in this world. It was built on the belief that people in the US will still by 100% Made In USA products.

With every material, every part sourced here in the USA, the Nutsac is the ONLY messenger bag you should ever have over your shoulder... If you have values.

In the end, it's really not fair to make fun of a guy who carries his stuff in a messenger bag. It's not a purse, and let's face the reality... Having a "carry all" is handy.

But it's only not fair to one that's carrying a Nutsac.

Carrying a Nutsac bag goes far beyond carrying just another messenger bag. It's carrying your high standards, values and beliefs over your shoulder proudly. Letting everyone know that you're going to stand and fight for American Jobs and American Industry.

And while the name might inspire lesser men to giggle like silly school girls, real American men reach for their Nutsac.

Nutsac currently has four bags to choose from depending on your needs.


Specifically designed for those who have a set of items they carry everyday (aka: Your Everyday Carry) this most manly of small shoulder packs has enough room to offload those bulgy pockets that make your hips look like chimpmunk cheeks into the bag so you can stick your hands in your pockets again and not feel weighted down.

Made from USA sourced top grain leather and waxed canvas | Size: 10″x6″x2.5″

nutsac manbag dammit

MAG-SATCH - $134.50

A perfect carry for your 10" tablet, phone, chargers and other necessities, the Mag-Satch is a truly refined peice of work. As a bigger brother to the Man Bag, Dammit, this satchel is perfect for outings, lunch runs and anytime when you need to carry the most essential things with you. It features a cotton strap that can handle the rigors of your daily commute, yet feel comfortable enough for a night on the town with your loved one.

Made from USA sourced top grain leather and waxed canvas | Size: 11″x7.5″x2.5″

mag satch

SATCHEL - $129

The satchel is the same size as the Mag-Satch, but the big difference is that it has a rugged strap down the front that gives the bag more of that western look and feel, I think. Like the Mag-Satch, the satchel offers the same carrying capacity and versatility that any real man needs in his day to day.

Made from USA sourced top grain leather and waxed canvas | Size: 11″x7.5″x2.5″



If I were a Bad@ss like Anthony Bourdain, I'd be carrying one of these around. It's the Alpha Bag as far as messenger bags is concerned. Big enough for a 12.9" iPad pro or MS Surface tablets and plenty of extra space for all your other stuff, the Satchel Pro is the bag you need to have if you're the master and commander of the world around you.

Made from USA sourced top grain leather and waxed canvas | Size: 12.4″ x 9″ x 2.5″

nutsac satchel pro