Friday, 26 August 2016 16:00

TGIF: VOEZ Edition

TGIF is a weekly post series running on Friday's at 4PM instead of the usually scheduled "4PM Coffee Thoughts".

This series consists of random tidbit and short posts that didn't fit anywhere else on the site during the week.

This Week: VOEZ, Raspberry Pi Zero, a 3500 Lumen Flashlight and What's in my music player.

26 - August - 2016


VOEZ - A DDR Style Addiction

Thursday, I was sitting at lunch in a park near the corporate offices having soup and a salad. I was looking through the Android Play Store to find some new game to play and came across VOEZ (Rayark International Limited).

I really don't know why I was looking... The only games on my phone are for my kids while we're waiting in restaurants or in the car.

Most of you probably remember Dance Dance Revelution, an arcade game where people danced on four tiles in specific sequences according to arrows that fell from the top of the screen down to a line. The object was to step on the corrisponding arrow on the mat when the arrow on the screen hit the line at exactly the same time.

Probably more similar would be a comparison between VOEZ and Guitar Hero as there's lanes where the "hotspots" drop. What is different is that in VOEZ, the lanes don't stay in one place, and throughout gameplay, you feel a bit like you're actually interacting with the music rather than just topping on your phone screen.

Gameplay gets really intense and with the lanes moving about, it becomes very difficult to get perfect taps where you don't miss a single hotspot.

raspberry pi zero

JUST SHIPPED: My First $5 Raspberry Pi ZERO

I have many Raspberry Pis. I have one of the original Model A 256MB versions, Two Raspberry Pi Model B's a Raspberry Pi Model B+ and a Raspberry Pi 2

Wednesday of this week, Adafruit notified me that they had a fresh stock of Pi Zeros in, and they were available to order.

The Raspberry Pi Zero V1.3 is extremely small (2.55" X 1.18") and cheap making it a nice buy. The shipping was actually more than the Pi itself ($8 to ship), so I also ordered a plexiglass case.

I got this Pi for an upcoming blog post.

I want to see if it's actually possible to write a full blog post on a Pi Zero when it's running a full desktop and browser.

Should be interesting to see what I have to do to make it work.

skyeye 3500 lumen flashlight

ALSO SHIPPED: $5 SkyEye 3500 Lumen Flashlight

First of all, there's no freakin' way that a $5 flashlight could ever put out 3500 lumens.

I am quite a collector of FLASHLights (not that other thing, you dirty minded person, you!) and have quite a few of them on my desk.

I have an old Surefire 80 Lumen incandesent flashlight, a Streamlight Microstream running 10440 cells that put out about 150 lumens, a Ultrafire WF-502B that puts out 320 lumens and a few others.

This flashlight I don't expect will be any brighter than the Ultrafire WF-502B, however the reflector is twice as large, so there should be more light thrown out despite the LED emitters being the same (T6 XML).

Ok, so this was a self indulgent impulse buy, but hey, it was only $5 and I already have the 18650 battery cells.

Galaxy S4

What's In The MP3 Player:

So I liked VOEZ enough to get the full album that has all the songs from the game and have been listening to it at work.

Also in the mix:
Boni and Clyde: Deal With My Swag
Ketsa: The Walk Away
X Japan: The last song
X Japan: Kunena
Indie Folker: Monsters In Rome
Bushra Helal Emma: Praan (Cover)
Tate McBroom: Knives