Saturday, 27 August 2016 04:15

The 40% Rule: A Secret To Making Things Really Happen

40 percent

Have you ever pushed yourself to the point where you don't think you can do it anymore?

Take pushups, for example. You start off to do 10, and by the time you reach it, you feel pretty good that you hit your mark, right? 

So you keep going... 20 pushups, 30, 40.... 

You find yourself at the point where you arms are shaking almost uncontrollably and you don't think you could lift up one more time.

You're laying on the floor panting, and you feel like absolute jello. You don't think it's possible to get even one more pushup in, but I have news for you...

It's called the 40% rule and I'm living my life now strictly by this rule.

When you've pushed yourself as far as you can go, you've only done 40% of what you're truly capable of.

It's as simple as that.

Your mind is going to check out before your body will, and laying there on the floor, if you tell your mind that you've only done 40% of what your body can actually handle, then it's a bit easier to go the rest of the way.

Some People Call It "Going The Extra Mile", but they're sadly mistaken.

Going the extra mile is the brain's way of dealing with doing the things that go above and beyond what your brain thinks you should do.

Even when you haven't hit your physical limits, your brain has already checked out.

It may take longer to get that other 60% in.

Make no mistake that it hard. 

Often times, it's grueling.

I am up at 4:15AM right now. The family has been sleeping for the past six hours. Sleep is clawing at my body, and every fiber of my being is telling me that I need to sleep.

That's my brain talking.

My hands and arms haven't gotten to the point where they're shaking.

My eyeslids are like lead weights, but I'm not closing them yet.

I will finish this post tonight, and I'll probably do it by the time I see daylight out of my kitchen window.

I will be going to bed tonight just hours before everyone else gets up.

There are opportunities out there for you

But not a single opportunity will land in your lap while you're sleeping.

Nor will success come to you.

Life is too short to waste, and I have wasted the last 40 years on doing what my brain told me was important, not what would actually bring success and everything that I dreamed of.

That's why I now put in not just the 40% my brain tells me is enough... I put in 100% and then ask myself if 100% is all I have. Many times I find that I can push all the way out to 120% before I finally need to call it quits, and believe me, it's punishing.

You'll feel like you've just entered the seventh circle of hell if you do this as a way of life as I now do.

It's going to hurt, and hurt you bad.

There was twice in my life when I was literally one step away from ending it all. Those where the moments when taking the cheap and easy way out seemed better than living through the constant torment and hell that divorce, child custody and child support bring on a good man.

Unless you've been dragged through the mud. Kicked, beaten and tortured for 18 years like I've been, you may never find the internal strength to max out your 120%.

The only thing that kept me going back then was my daughter.

She was that other 80% when my mind was telling me to check out and take that step off the bridge at 40%.

She's 21, and to this day, she still doesn't realize what an important part she played in bringing me out of the shadows of death and into the light.

I am my current wife's first marriage. We have three kids together and it's good, but there's a bond between myself and my oldest daughter that is special.

We've walked through the valley of death, side by side...

We've both been damaged beyond anyone's comprehension.

We kept each other going even when the courts forced us not to see or talk to each other through our memories of the times we had alone.

I have seen what 40% is, and it's miserable.

All the success, rewards and satisfaction happen when you finally reach 120% effort, no matter what the cost.

The sad thing is that most people never know what 100% effort really is. They only know 40%, and their brain lies and tells them its 100%.

Until you've been to the precipice like I have been, you'll never know what 120% really is.