Thursday, 25 August 2016 11:47

The Biggest Reason Your Next Project Will Fail

fail defeciency of execution

You're not always going to succeed.

Everyone fails at some point.

In anything you do, there's a chance of failure, and with somethings, the chance is larger than others.

This is the biggest reason that people fail when they attempt to do something:

A Deficiency of Knowledge

This problem is easy to overcome, but most people instinctively make things harder on themselves than is needed.

A Defeciency of knowledge simply is when you're tackling a project without doing dilligence and learning what you need to know to get it done successfully.

Those who have repeated successes rarely succeed alone.

These people know that in order to accomplish the goal without fail, they have two options:

  • Learn what they need to know themself
  • Find someone that knows and engage them

More often times than not, you'll find that those with repeated successes don't take the time to learn everything, but rather, know who to go to in order to get things done.

For example, A CEO of a company might need a new logistics company to move product.

He could take days to learn everything he needed to know about logistics so he could find a good company, but he has a better way.

This CEO already has a "go to" employee that will find him as specialist in the field. This is usually the Administrative Assistant, and when he calls upon them, he will ask them to find someone that specializes in logistics and choosing a new logistics company.

The administrative assistant, in turn, has a large resource of people that he or she can call to get what the CEO needs. If the assistant doesn't have anyone directly, there's a 99% chance that they have someone in the Roledex that does know.

The CEO, in turn, doesn't have to waste time in learning everything he or she needs to know, but rather, empowers his Administrative Assistant to find and choose someone that will do the legwork and report to the CEO.

The CEO's time is freed up to focus on more pressing matters and building the business.

Taking Everything On Yourself Means Certain Failure

We're not all good at everything.

I'm not good at a lot of things.

If I were to take on every aspect of a major project myself, which I have done in the past, one of three things usually occur, and none of them are good:

  • The project takes forever to complete because you're using all the time in trying to learn things.
  • You never complete the project because you realize that the learning curve is too steep
  • You just don't have the right tools or materials because you didn't know what you needed.

Deficiency of Knowledge Is No Excuse

When you're on a mission to get something done, not knowing shouldn't be what stops you.

You have a huge set of resources that you can call upon, and you don't even know it.

The internet is your first and biggest resource. Learn how to search in Google properly, find what you need and get out.

The second are your friends and acquaintances. Consider grouping your contacts into categories of what they have experience in. (EG: all web guys go into a group called "Web", all accountants go into a group called "Money", and all your lawyer friends go into "Legal" perhaps?)

The third and final resource are either online or brick and mortar agencies that have the types of people you're looking for. While this is the last resort, it is an option if you're willing to pay a sizable hourly rate, but you probably could find the help that you're looking for on Upwork (formerly Elance/Odesk) and even Fiverr, perhaps.

Don't let your project fail just because you personally don't have the knowledge to successfully execute the project.