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Why You Need A Fisher 725B Trekker Space Pen Now

Fisher Trekker 725B Space Pen

“Hold On A Moment… Let Me Find A Pen.”

I’m sure that you’ve had one of those aggravating moments where you need to jot a phone number or address down, but there are just no pens to be found anywhere.

Then, when you do find one, it doesn’t write. Great.

There is one pen that can end all the hassle forever.

If you’ve read my blog, you know that I carry a pen and notebook with me at all times.

When I need to write, I have what I need, and I know it works.

Every. Single. Time.

And that’s why I carry the Fisher Space Pen 725B “Trekker” Edition.

I’ve tried other pens.

Most of them are too big for the pocket.

They break, fall out or dry out from sitting upside down for too long.

Even “Bic” pens have died this way on me.

My Pen Has To Work When I Need It.

Fisher Space Pens are widely known for their unique ability to write in just about any condition you might find yourself in.

Writing upside down? Done that.
In a downpour? Been there.
Extreme cold. Yup.

Fisher space pens are my pen of choice when it comes to the writing instrument that I carry every day.

Fisher sells both the pens as well as the refills.

I just purchased the Trekker Space Pen.

It’s 3.9 inches long and a .375 inch diameter. The space pen has a keychain ring thought the cap, but what I really like about it is the textured rubber grip that really works with gloves on.

Even those cheap $0.99 knit gloves don’t slip.

The Trekker 725B comes with a PR4 medium 1.0mm refill cartridge from the factory. It produces solid, bold lines, and it feels good to write with.

The pen doesn’t snag or drag against the paper like cheap ballpoints do. It glides well, and produces the line you need every time.

Refills are also available in fine(.7MM) and bold (1.2MM) points.

You can even get the medium point in 9 colors. Black, blue, red, green, burgundy, purple, brown, turquoise and silver.

The 725B Trekker can be either hung from a lanyard, put on a keychain or attached to a backpack for example, but I just keep mine in my pocket.

Since it the cartridge is pressurized, I don’t ever worry about it being upside down because it is designed to write even if it’s been sitting upside down for long periods of time.

Fisher Space Pen Trekker 725B via Amazon: $24.87 - Check Current Price

It Goes Far Beyond Just Carrying Pen And Paper

While I do feature the Trekker Space Pen in this post, the reason goes far beyond just carrying the items.

It’s The Reasons

The idea of never forgetting a thing.
Getting thoughts, ideas and feelings down.

When making massive changes in my life, I find it necessary to simplify what is in my head to only what is necessary to get me closer to my dreams and goals.

Everything else I write down for later use or discard.

By getting it all down, I can organize my thoughts visually. Consider what I’ve noted, and focus on only what matters most.

When I discard a note, it’s a physical confirmation that I choose to move on and not put any further energy or thought into it.

Ideas and thoughts can come at any time.

How many times have we all had a brilliant thought or idea?

You try and retain it to memory, but chances are, a half hour later you’ll be thinking, “I wish I could remember what it was...

You might use your phone, but I’m a writer at heart, and there’s nothing that feels as satisfying as good old paper and pen.

Originally, I was carrying regular pens and paper, but the problems was that everyday items couldn’t survive the abuse of being used many times a day.

When I first started, I was carrying a pocket sized Moleskine Cahier notebook and a Zebra F301 pen.

The first issue was that the Cahier notebook broke down within a month. The pages were falling out and the covers had to be taped together because they had torn at the back seam.

Additionally, Zebra ink doesn’t seem to dry well. It smeared easily, even days after being written.

I switched to using the cheaper Bic pens, but again, the ink doesn’t dry quickly enough for use in notebooks where you might whip it out, write, and then quickly put the notebook away.

Originally, I just purchased the Fisher Space Pen PR4 refill cartridge and put it a cheaper pen.

The smearing problem was solved, but I had a new problem:

The pen was lost in two days.

It was a full size pen. When I put it in my back pocket, like many full size pens, it fell out after repeated sitting and standing.

I have no idea where it fell out. Perhaps it got snagged? Don’t know, but now I had to solve this problem.

I already knew that Pilot G2 Gelpens came in a pocket size, but I couldn’t use them because the Gel ink went down wet and I’d still have the same smear problem.

I decided to splurge and get the 725B Trekker Space Pen to end the issue once and for all.

Originally, I got it because I thought that I’d put it on my keychain, but I reach for it too much. I decided to keep it in my pocket where I could get it easier. In my jeans, it sits in the 5th pocket next to a Gerber Dime multitool and a Streamlight Microstream LED flashlight.

Now when I pull the pen out to jot something down, it's always there, and always writes.